How to Get 15 Million Positions in Alexa Rank in ONE MONTH WITHOUT PAYING ADS OR TRAFFIC!!

Hello, one month a go we (JMS.COM.MX & me)move out of the Real Estate Business to improve our way as Marketing Solutions Agency with Special Skills in the Digital Stuff.
Before that, our business was directly in the sales team of La Rioja; immediately after we louse more than 15 millions of positions in the international rank Alexa by Amazon inc. that’s a huge, huge amount of positions.

But the sun comes up every morning and the follow days our team build a stronger than ever strategy to get back the positions in one month. But it wasn’t easy to do at all, because we have a rule: WE DON’T buy keywords, traffic or any out of the team collaboration.

So, it’s all about a strategy, intelligence, patience and passion. One more after that, Alexa show the new ranking for September and, guest what? WE DO THE JOB DONE!

May be you don’t believe we DON’T BUY TRAFFIC, or how can  we louse 15 million of positions in Alexa Rank and in one month get back to our original position?

Here is the very true only reason, and you can find all the information insigne of my site in the professional webs for that propose, here is the true:

We love SEO, morning, day and night, can’t stop working in strategy, analytics, investigation and of course implementation of new technical way to increase the presence of our clients on the web and the presence of our project.

I would like to invite you to Be part of this team, get more leads, more happy costumes, more sales and start building your personal and professional brand with organic traffic.  I’m Abel Jiménez, Google Partner, Lead Generator Expert by Hubspot and proud part of


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